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LHCA 2016 Board Election Results

The following are the certified results of the 2016 election of the LHCA Directors to fill the seven (7) vacant positions for the 2017-2018 term.  The 7 candidates who received the highest number of votes are elected and they are so indicated by an asterisk (*) next to the number of votes received.


Rick Aldridge                176*

Ronni Cooper                164 *

Alma Fowlkes                138*

Ruth Lawrence            154*

Karen Mayo                  103

Treva Miller                  126*

Lawona Roberts        113

David Oliver                171*

Ronald Woods           156*


Candidates who are not elected to the LHCA Board of Directors are enthusiastically invited to serve as a LHCA Board advisor. Thank you all so much for your willingness to take a leadership role in the LHCA.

County offers Free Parkway Trees – Offer Extended until Sept 1st

Reminder: It’s not too late to order a free tree for your parkway IF  you live in the County area of Ladera (not Inglewood or LA City). The deadline has been extended to SEPT. 1st. Details of the free tree program are outlined in the article in the LHCA Newsletter which was mailed out last week, or check the website. Don’t wait – supply is not unlimited, and our earlier reminder elicited numerous requests. You can also ask for a second tree.

Green up Ladera!

Email with your info.


Summer 2016 Update:  Sidewalk Repairs & Free Trees!
by Dorothy E Harris,  Beautification Division Chair
During the past year this major Department of Public Works project  – which encompasses all County sidewalks in Ladera  – has progressed toward the last phase.  As the job of repairing/replacing concrete sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and driveway aprons, removing unsightly asphalt safety fills and the negatively contributing parkway trees moves into the final stretch, we got an update from County Engineer Greg Even, coordinator.
Minor Repairs – Grinding:  The concrete grinding has been completed throughout Ladera.
Major issues – Concrete replacement: Estimated at 70% complete with the repairs (remove and replace) in Old Ladera and Lower Ladera, and an estimated four months to complete the remaining Upper repairs.  
Do You Want a Free Tree? Parkway trees will be impacted by the concrete repair work, and will need to be removed at approximately 60 locations.  Affected residences have been notified.   Most of these are in Old and Lower Ladera, relatively few in Upper Ladera.  In recognition of this loss and the need to provide green relief, the County continues to encourage new as well as replacement trees to be planted in the parkway if the location meets the requirements below. If County has enough stock, you may even get a second tree!  Please refer to the Illustration below.   
These trees come in a 24” box will be available even if you aren’t replacing a tree.  Planting will be done by the County contractor, and will include a watering pipe so your hose water goes efficiently, directly down to encourage deep rooting. You should plan to water your new tree weekly until it’s well established.
Here’s How: email Dorothy  Harris at no later than Sept 1.   Title your email Tree Request, and in the message be sure to state “replacement” or “new”, and if you would consider a second tree. Don’t forget your address, email and a weekday contact phone.  You may also request a specific type of tree in accordance with your street’s theme, if the tree is on the approved parkway planting list.  (Note that some species have been removed from that list due to problems with root problems or disease susceptibility.)
And Then You Wait! The optimal season for planting trees is late fall, early winter. Since the County’s stock and budget is not unlimited, this advance plan is to ensure the trees for Ladera are reserved! The Tree Request list will be furnished to the County and they will respond to each home-owner when it is time to plant their tree.  
Problem Private Trees – on your residential property (i.e. front or side yard):  Your private tree(s) roots may be problematic to the concreted areas of concern. The County has already notified property owners about this situation and apprised them of their options:
If you do nothing to address the problem tree on your property DPW will continue to patch the location with asphalt until the tree is removed or root-pruned by the property owner.  Note if you wait and do it later, there is no guarantee that the concrete work will be available at your date of convenience.
If you want to root-prune your private property tree, at your expense, DPW recommends that you first consult with an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborist to have them evaluate whether your tree can be safely root pruned without compromising the structural integrity of the tree. A root control barrier will need to be installed.Certified Arborists can be found on internet listings, and DPW has an arborist who can consult with you when the time comes.  For further info contact Greg Even



2015 LHCA Director Election Results

On behalf of the 2015 Inspector of Election, I am pleased to announce the certified results of the election as follows:

Directors Elected, Listed in the Order of the Number of Votes Received

1. Tracie Lyons
2. Florence Ochi
3. Don Hellwig
4. Sandra Goldsmith
5. Dorothy Harris
6. Miriam Morris

Other Candidates, Listed in the Order of the Number of Votes Received

7. Treva Miller
8. Eva Green
9. Brian DeCoud
10.Gena Lofton
11. Rosalie Frazier Penner

I would like to extend my personal thanks to all of the candidates, especially those who stood for election for the first time. I hope you will all continue to be active members of the LHCA, working with us on projects you have a personal passion for! We can never have too many volunteers, and it is through the volunteer process that most of our Board members gain the name and service recognition that leads to future Board service.

I am also grateful for the enthusiastic support provided me by the Election Committee, namely Rick Aldridge, Ronni Cooper, Ruth Lawrence, Alvetia Smith and Ron Woods. Also, a big thank you to our Election Secretary, Nancy Day for her tireless efforts and valuable wisdom throughout.

In total 225 Ballots were cast in this election, representing 29% of those eligible to vote.

David Oliver
2015 Inspector of Elections