This page explains how to post a message to the residents@laderaheights.org mailing list.

The following messages are acceptable for posting and will be approved for posting to the residents@laderaheights.org mailing list.

      • LHCA Business
      • Announcements impacting community (Street closures, etc)
      • Safety / Crime Announcements (e.g. notices from Sherriff)
      • School related announcements (for community, not just students&parents)
      • Updates and meetings regarding development in Ladera and nearby.
      • Notices from county/other government departments when requested
      • Notice from utilities that affect the community
      • Activities available to / affecting community (non-commercial)
      • Messages sent by office of elected officials (no campaigning)
      • Community events / meetings (non commercial, non partisan)
      • Information addressing / clarifying concerns of the community

Additionally, the message must convey information to the community rather than ask questions. The message should be formatted as it is to appear to the reader, and the relevant content must appear in the body of the message.

You may attach small PDF files, if the content in the PDF is relevant, such as a version of the message ready for printing. A PDF attached to a message that says only“please open” or “please redistribute” or “please print” will not be approved; instead you must repeat the relevant information in the body of the message for those that don’t open your attachement.

Further, your message should not include chains for “forwarded by”, and do not include irrelevant included text or signatures from other messages. Include a subject line that is descriptive: don’t just find another message to the list and “reply” with a completely unrelated subject.

Otherwise acceptable messages that are formatted in a way that makes it hard for readers to follow will be returned and the sender asked to resend with proper formatting and subject. Basically these guidelines say that if you are not willing to take the time to format and present your message in a way that makes it easier for the recipients of the e-mail on our mailing list, then your message is not important enough for our readers to take the time to decipher your intent.

The following are generally not acceptable for posting and will not be forwarded to the mailing list.


      • Political notices and campaign material.
      • Items or property for sale or rent
      • Advertisements for commercial activities
      • Fundraising activities (unless they fall into other categories above)
      • In general, replies to messages are not appropriate unless they add significant new information. The mailing list is not a place for long discussions.
      • Messages forwarded by adding the residents@laderaheights.org address to another mailing list. If Ladera residents want to be on your list, they can add themselves individually, we will not force them to receive messages from your mailing list.
      • Multiple messages of interest to a specialized and small subset of the community, such as updates for a recurring event. You may post a general message to promote interest in the activity, but you should use a more specific means (such as your own mailing list, web site, or non-LHCA discussion forum)to communicate recurring updates to the members of your group.

To post your message, ensure that it meets the criteria on this page, then mail it to residents@laderaheights.org. Once approved, your messages will be distributed to those subscribed to the mailing list.