2015 LHCA Director Election Results

On behalf of the 2015 Inspector of Election, I am pleased to announce the certified results of the election as follows:

Directors Elected, Listed in the Order of the Number of Votes Received

1. Tracie Lyons
2. Florence Ochi
3. Don Hellwig
4. Sandra Goldsmith
5. Dorothy Harris
6. Miriam Morris

Other Candidates, Listed in the Order of the Number of Votes Received

7. Treva Miller
8. Eva Green
9. Brian DeCoud
10.Gena Lofton
11. Rosalie Frazier Penner

I would like to extend my personal thanks to all of the candidates, especially those who stood for election for the first time. I hope you will all continue to be active members of the LHCA, working with us on projects you have a personal passion for! We can never have too many volunteers, and it is through the volunteer process that most of our Board members gain the name and service recognition that leads to future Board service.

I am also grateful for the enthusiastic support provided me by the Election Committee, namely Rick Aldridge, Ronni Cooper, Ruth Lawrence, Alvetia Smith and Ron Woods. Also, a big thank you to our Election Secretary, Nancy Day for her tireless efforts and valuable wisdom throughout.

In total 225 Ballots were cast in this election, representing 29% of those eligible to vote.

David Oliver
2015 Inspector of Elections