A few of the things that LHCA accomplished

1. Amended the LHCA Bylaws to comply with law and concerns regarding the use of proxies;
2. Establishment of Welcome Committee to welcome new residents into our community;
3. Conducted a security seminar and presented smart house security information to community;
4. Established the Senior Life Committee to support Ladera seniors and the our local senior and community center;
5. Beautification Committee worked closely with Public Works to ensure proper rehabbing the red curbs throughout Ladera;
6. Successfully secured weed and trash abatement on the La Tijera Middle School grounds and the La Cienega median through multi-jurisdiction effort involving the Cities of Inglewood and Los Angeles and the Inglewood Unified School District;
7. Presently working with LA County to reduce traffic congestion on Slauson Avenue by reaching out to residents to document traffic concerns and develop Traffic Calming Measures;
8. Closely monitoring Slauson Revitalization Project to ensure that propose development will not further aggravate traffic conditions on Slauson;
9. Supported efforts of Block Club captains/representatives by hosting leadership meeting. Three new block clubs established;
10. Due to concerns raised by residents, met with L.A. County officials regarding the permitting of Special Needs Housing in Ladera Heights;
11. Conducting the 2013 election of Directors by mailed ballot to each member’s residence in an effort to increase member participation; and
12. Branding LHCA’s communications through the revamping the website and e-mail messages.

Could we do more? Absolutely, but we can only do it with your help.