What Have We Done Lately?

LHCA's Recent Accomplishments

Listed below are a few of the things that the LHCA accomplished as of late. Could we do more?

Absolutely, but we can only do it with your help.

  1. Amended the LHCA Bylaws to comply with law and concerns regarding the use of proxies;

  2. Establishment of Welcome Committee to welcome new residents into our community;

  3. Conducted a security seminar and presented smart house security information to community;

  4. Established the Senior Life Committee to support Ladera seniors and the our local senior and community center;

  5. Beautification Committee worked closely with Public Works to ensure proper rehabbing the red curbs throughout Ladera;

  6. Successfully secured weed and trash abatement on the La Tijera Middle School grounds and the La Cienega median through multi-jurisdiction effort involving the Cities of Inglewood and Los Angeles and the Inglewood Unified School District;

  7. Presently working with LA County to reduce traffic congestion on Slauson Avenue by reaching out to residents to document traffic concerns and develop Traffic Calming Measures;

  8. Closely monitoring Slauson Revitalization Project to ensure that propose development will not further aggravate traffic conditions on Slauson;

  9. Supported efforts of Block Club captains/representatives by hosting leadership meeting. Three new block clubs established;

  10. Due to concerns raised by residents, met with L.A. County officials regarding the permitting of Special Needs Housing in Ladera Heights;

  11. Conducting the 2013 election of Directors by mailed ballot to each member’s residence in an effort to increase member participation; and

  12. Branding LHCA’s communications through the revamping the website and e-mail messages.

  13. Petitioned the City of Los Angeles to rename the portion of 90056 that is within city bounds to "Ladera."

2019 LHCA Community Conversation, 

Congresswoman Karen Bass!

2020 LHCA Executive Board & Ladera Heights First Responders !

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