Rick Aldridge

I have served three terms as a LHCA Board member. An active Board member from day one, I am the Assistant Treasurer and chair of the Finance and Governance Committee.  I am very active  on LHCA’s Community Enhancement (Beautification) Committee where we work with LA County and 


LA City partners in beautifying and maintaining Ladera’s public areas.  I was on the task team that led to the first LHCA / LA City town hall meeting in 2015. More work to do. The team was responsible for successfully working with LA City Councilman Bonin’s staff and getting the City to clean up its portion of La Cienega.  This is an ongoing issue that needs continued oversight.  I also chair the LHCA Code Compliance team, which works with the LA County and LA City partners and homeowners in remediating blight in Ladera.  I am an active member of Ladera Heights Traffic and Parking Task Force. 


I believe that my work and successes as the Chair, Lead or Teammate on many of the community projects and committees provide me with the necessary experience and qualifications to continue to serve as a director on the LHCA Board.  


Ladera Heights is changing with young couples and families moving into our community.  I welcome our new neighbors and will work to encourage them to join and participate in LHCA activities. I have enjoyed working with the long term residents that have made this community a great place that it is today. As a LHCA board member, I will continue my work to improve the quality of life for all the residents of Ladera Heights.     


Ronni Cooper

I have lived in the Ladera Community for over 45 years and involved with the Civic Association for over 40 years, serving as President for over 25 years.  I continue to be involved because this is my community and I want it to flourish and grow.  I am currently serving as the community liaison to the Filming in Ladera, I serve as the welcoming committee to new community members, and continue to serve on the Beautification Committee.


Ladera is where I have spent most of my adult life. It has always been a place where people take pride in their homes and neighborhood.  I know that will continue with the influx of new young families moving into the area.  I hope to be able to be an ambassador of Ladera to get these young families involved with the continuing growth and strength of our community.


Lisa Flenoury 

Iam currently the Community Outreach Coordinator for the City of Los Angeles, a position I have held just shy of four years.  Since 1994, I have served as a public servant and had the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge of City government rules and regulations.


I possess an inherent ability to proficiently communicate verbal and written strategies, to cultivate and steward relationships, and a proven track record of building and maintaining individual and institutional relationships.  Known for coordinating multiple projects and meeting deadlines under pressure with great attention to detail.  Advanced skills in community relationship building, strategy planning and building collaborations.  Excel in turning disorganized environments into smooth-running operations. Self-starter and quick learner who always exceeds expectations.  Outside of my public service profession, I commit my time to local nonprofit groups as a means to make a difference.


I have been a resident of Ladera Heights since 1988 and I welcome the opportunity to increase the quality of life of its residents through education, simple interaction and the sharing of resources. I previously served on the Public Safety Committee where I believe my greatest accomplishment was service as a liaison with the Sheriff’s Department.  We are a close-knit community and the small stuff does matter. When a community is well tended, and problems dealt with as they arise, it results in positive attitudes leading to good management. 


Alma Fowlkes

I’ve lived in Ladera Heights for over 40 years and love it. I have served on several organizations’ committees at state and national levels. I can use my experiences from these groups wherever it is needed. In addition, I was responsible for the establishment of the Yvonne B Burke Senior and Community Center and worked on its approval until it was completely built. I have been active in its committees and board. I am also a retired manager from the Los Angeles County department of 

Family and Children Services.

My vision is to continue  to work in any way  I can to make it the best association in the state of California., and to serve the desires and needs of seniors and other  members of the community.


Ruth Lawrence

Knowing that I wanted to live in Ladera Heights, I became a member of the LHCA before buying a home here so that I could learn more about the community. I am now an 18 year resident.  I served as Secretary of the LHCA from 2003 to 2011, currently serving as a Director, and also the current Editor of our Inside Ladera Newsletter. It is through continued community service that we can make a difference in areas that matter.  As a volunteer for St. Jerome Church, I donate, collect, and distribute food to needy families through the LAX Food Pantry.  I greet, cook, and serve at a monthly soup kitchen. I also serve on the board of the St. Vincent de Paul Society with a focus on serving the poor. I volunteer annually for the Baldwin Hills Relay for Life to increase cancer awareness while raising funds for the American Cancer Society’s patient service programs and community education. 


Communities where people live, work, and play in an environment that is safe, vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing don’t just happen – they are shaped and molded by volunteers like the LHCA. I would like to be a part of that continued process for Ladera Heights.


Treva Miller

 I spent 30 years as a public servant for the city and state specializing in community outreach.  I have used that experience and connections to work for the betterment of our community. I am the Neighborhood Watch Captain for five blocks. My focus on the Board has been on public safety, and projects for schools and to promote community unity.  I successfully spearheaded initiatives to have stop signs installed at two dangerous intersections, and to have timeworn street signs replaced in Lower and Old Ladera so that first-responders and law enforcement could locate the residents quicker in times of emergency.  I also, worked with local government to get curbs painted to eliminate blind spots to make our community safer.  I have served on numerous LHCA Committees including the Ladera Day Planning Committee, where one year I raised $5,000 in sponsorships to support the faire.   In support of our children, I worked on a wide variety of local school projects and initiatives of the Parent PTA. I led the effort to have the LA City section of 90056 officially recognized as “Ladera” by government agencies. This improved emergency response communication and instilled a renewed sense of community pride and unity.


My vision for Ladera Heights is for our community to continue to thrive and be a safe haven for our families.  I hope more residents will get involved in volunteering to help make a schools and neighborhoods better.  Our local school rankings are on the rise, and if the community works together we can ensure a bright future for youth and all residents.


Myriam Morris

I have lived at the Corning address since 2012; prior to that I lived in Old Ladera off and on since 1999.  I am very interested in the events that are shaping this community and I would like to contribute whatever I can towards the beautification and safety of our community.  My vision for Ladera is one where our residents continue to feel safe and continue to feel pride in living here. I support an active beautification committee that is supported and encouraged to address various issues that affect our community.


Dominique Nasr-Thompson

Since January 2018, Dominique Nasr-Thompson has served as a Board Advisor for the LHCA and has contributed her time and efforts to help resolve various issues that affect the community.  


Dominique works as a transactional and litigation attorney, specializing in business and employment law.  A Los Angeles native raised by a single mother, Dominique graduated from UCLA summa cum laude and received a BA degree in International Development.  Following University, she attended Loyola Law School and earned her JD.  Her background includes: (i) representing plaintiffs in consumer class actions and mass torts; (ii) legal affairs at a media company for the unscripted television group; (iii) representing companies in employment, consumer finance and intellectual property disputes; and (iv) serving as in-house legal counsel, including contract negotiation, compliance and risk management, as well as litigation management.

Dominique has called Ladera Heights home for the past six years with her husband Jason Thompson, who has resided in Ladera Heights his entire life.  Both are passionate about their community and are intent on making Ladera Heights a prime location to raise a family.  She is committed to supporting local businesses and contributing to the area’s economy.  Further, her experience as a zealous advocate and advisor, as well as her familiarity with local laws and regulations could greatly benefit the LHCA and its Board.


David Oliver

I am a life-long resident of Ladera Heights, having purchased my family home from my parents in 1988. I am a proud graduate of Frank D. Parent, Crozier Jr. High and Inglewood High School. That said, I have a unique perspective on Ladera Heights and the significant changes in our demographics over the past 60 plus years, which has culminated in the wonderfully diverse community that we enjoy today.


My skill set includes leadership experience, both in the “for profit” as well as the non-profit sectors. I enjoy meeting new neighbors as well as relationships that have been forged with people that have lived here (almost) as long as I have.


My vision for Ladera Heights is to continue to build a strong Community of INVOLVED Neighbors coming together in an effort to make Ladera Heights a great place to live, work and play. In the four years since I have become active as a Board Member of the LHCA, I have seen a growing number of Neighbors coming together to deal with tough issues like traffic mitigation, Beautification of Public spaces, Prevention / reduction of crime as well as several other important topics.


Olivia Patterson-Ryans

I have lived in the Ladera Heights community for 7 years; my husband for 20+. I moved here from Leimert Park after we married. I served as the president of the Leimert Park/Cherrywood Club (LPCBC) for 3 years. Despite the name, our organization encompassed the entire Leimert Park neighborhood. LPCBC is one of the strongest neighborhood organizations in the city because of the way we worked with community leaders including city council, supervisor’s office, the local commissions and the business owners. I learned the importance of integrating all residences, regardless of race, age and economic level, to create a village where most care and are involved in some level in maintaining a neighborhood to be proud of. I formed relationships that help to bring resources and attention to your neighborhood.


I am also a proud Rotarian of 17 years. I have served as leadership with my club and on the district (county-wide) level. With Rotary, I have learned how to work with teams to create fundraising and social activities and events. I live my life according to our motto “Service Above Self”.


Ron Reid

I’m Ron Reid, a Ladera Heights resident.  My life experiences, professional background and family provide me the motivation to support a wide range of topics, to interface across a diverse range of interests, problems and people, thus leading to Ladera Heights community enhancement.  My Aerospace Engineering professional background focused on three elements:  technology, management and leadership.  My technology history includes undergraduate and graduate degrees in Aerospace Engineering. My management background centered on both Departmental and Engineering Program management positions.  My leadership roles at the Engineering Directorate level included responsibility for R&D implementation at strategic universities, and special leadership positions included:  President of Raytheon Missile Systems Black Employees Network, developer and manager of the Raytheon Scholars Program for High School graduates, implementer of the City of Tucson-based High School Teacher Development Program, and I served as the Chair and Vice-Chair of the  Tucson Urban League as the representative of Raytheon.  Most recently I participated in a King/Drew High School Career Day.  I am confident that my diverse experience can positively impact the LHCA Board and more importantly, Ladera Heights.  Thank you for your consideration.


Ronald Woods

I’ve been a resident of Ladera Heights since 1975 and actively involved in the PTA over the years.  All of my kids attended Parent school.  I have been a member of the LHCA for over thirty years and have served as Treasurer or the past fifteen years.  Maybe more!  We have a great community and must be very active in keeping it that way.  The LHCA is a good starting place for reaching our goals.  We need dedicated people on the Board that are willing to work hard to insure a good ongoing relationship with the various surrounding agencies (County, Los Angeles, Inglewood) and also the people within the community.  We have to continue to do everything possible to elevate our school district (Inglewood) and make it “Great Again”.  Hard work and dedication are the things that I bring to LHCA.

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