Filming in Ladera Heights


The Special Filming Conditions, described below and developed in cooperation with FilmL.A. Inc., will be included in the terms and conditions of permits issued for filming in this area, and are consistent with public health, safety, general welfare, and applicable land-use ordinances.

Ladera Heights is a community of attractive single-family homes and apartments located in unincorporated Los Angeles County (Zip Code 90056). The neighborhood is a popular area for location filming, so the following conditions have been established to help mitigate the concerns of local residents and to aid production companies. Violation of any of the conditions outlined, below, may result in permit revocation, or other administrative action.

Additionally, it is recommended that a letter from the Location Manager accompany notification to residents that cover the following: an introduction (stating the activity to occur); the schedule (prep, shoot, strike); postings; street closures (if any); and locations of base camp, portable bathrooms, dressing rooms, crew parking, and off-street catering.

  1. Affected residents (generally those within 300 feet of the filming activities and/or equipment parking) must be notified at least two (2) days in advance of the first day of filming, or one (1) day of any substantial set preparation. Notification will be done by the Location Manager and by FilmL.A. staff.

  2. Production companies must notify the Ladera Heights Civic Association (LHCA) representative of all filming activities at least two (2) days in advance of the first day of filming, or one (1) day of any substantial set preparation. FilmL.A. also will notify the representative of the activities specified on the permit, by fax or email.

  3. Production companies may not arrive in the area prior to 7:00 a.m. and must depart no later than 10:00 p.m., unless affected residents are surveyed and agree to extended hours, weekends and/or holidays. The approved times will be indicated on the permit.

  4. Parking of production equipment is limited to one side of the street. Film company vehicles shall not interfere with mail and package delivery, gardener’s activities, trash pick-up, safe use of streets or access to resident driveways, unless alternate arrangements have been made and approved by the affected residents. In some rare instances, it may be necessary for companies to post no public parking on both sides of the street to maintain proper access for emergency vehicles and area residents.

  5. Cast and crew may not park on area streets; off-site parking must be arranged by the permit holder.

  6. Catering trucks should be off-street, while setups for eating need to be out of public view.

  7. Generators, with proper exhaust and noise shields, shall be parked only in front of those homes that have been approved as necessary for that location.

  8. Residents and film crew members must treat one another with respect and consideration, as stated in the Filmmakers Code of Professional Responsibility.

  9. The CHP or LASD officer on duty should be appraised of any motor vehicle infractions or traffic problems within his/her scope of authority and take corrective measures accordingly.

  10. Trash, refuse and parking stanchions must be removed from the area immediately after filming activities are completed.

  11. Any payment agreement is between the permit holder and the resident; the LHCA is not a party to such negotiations.

  12. If a resident encounters a problem not handled by the Location Manager, s/he immediately should contact FilmL.A.’s onsite representative (if so assigned), or the office at 213-977-8600. That same number applies 24/7. Additionally, residents may contact the LHCA Coordinator of Filming at 424-256-5422.


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