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Making good things happen in Ladera Heights involves the work of many volunteers. Our list of opportunities frequently gets sidelined because we don’t have enough people, or the right expertise, to get the job done.


If any of the following needs align with your interests or talents, please contact the person listed to volunteer your help!

FINANCE and GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE - Rick Aldridge, Ron Woods, Don Hellwig


Finance -Work with treasurer to carry out budgeting process and set annual budget. Review financial statements and monitor funds. Work with treasurer to carry out budgeting process. Keep track of bottom line to provide adequate funding for budgeted activities.
Oversee financial record keeping. Ensure all legal requirements are met. 

Treasurer– Ron Woods

  • Produce monthly financial reports to board

  • Deposit to bank accounts all revenue, including memberships

  • Keep accurate records – revenue & expenses

  • Track all bank accounts – checking, CDs

  • Process reimbursement of expenses

  • Annual Report to IRS

  • Assistant Treasurer – Rick Aldridge

  • Work on all responsibilities as assigned by treasurer

  • Audit Sub-Committee – Don Hellwig

  • Conduct periodic financial audits


Governance – Responsible for ongoing review and recommendations to enhance the quality and future viability of the board. Leads the board in regularly updating the board’s statement of roles and responsibility and what is expected of individual board members. Assists the board in periodically updating and clarifying primary areas of focus for the board and shapes the board agenda for the next year or two. Leads in assessing current and anticipated needs related to board composition, determining knowledge, attributes, skills, abilities and access to resources the board will need to consider in order to accomplish future work of the board.
By Laws – Treva Miller, Dominique Nasr-Thompson, Rick Aldridge
Nomination and Election Sub-Committee – Florence Ochi, David Oliver, Tracie
Lyons, Rick Aldridge, Miriam Morris, Ronni Cooper

  • Seek viable candidates for board nominations

  • Develop instructions for nominations and election procedures

  • Set dates for nominations and election

  • Produce ballots and mail to qualified voters

  • Count qualified ballots and record results


MARKETING and COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE – David Oliver, Blake Wilson, Ronni Cooper, Ruth Lawrence
Create and manage an outreach program to Ladera Heights residents. Oversee creation of Newsletters, brochures, fliers, etc. Create a “welcome package” for new homeowners and renters that includes materials with materials on LHCA. Oversee membership, IT and Fundraising Sub-Committees.
Membership Sub-Committee – Blake Wilson

  • Increase memberships

  • Record all paid memberships

  • Maintain accurate membership list

IT Sub-Committee – David Oliver and Rick Aldridge(past Lead), Miriam Morris, Clifford Neuman, Tracie Lyons, Blake Wilson

  • New Website – Barbi Scott, Mariam Morris, Rick Aldridge

  • Membership software – Blake Wilson, David Oliver

Fundraising Sub-Committee

  • Community Faire, Receptions, etc.


COMMUNITY ENHANCEMENT COMMITTEE – Dorothy Harris, Rick Aldridge, Tracie Lyons, Florence Ochi, Don Hellwig, Ronnie Cooper, Gwen Ribbs, Hank Harris, Alex Padilla, Nancy Day, Connie Stepps, John McWhirter
Public Properties Sub-Committee- Los Angeles County and City – Dorothy Harris, Rick Aldridge,

  • Maintenance of public streets and shoulders of weeds and trash

  • Street and sidewalk repairs – Rick Aldridge, Dorothy Harris

  • Maintenance of trees and plants in parkways and shoulders – Dorothy Harris

Private Properties Sub-Committee – Rick Aldridge

  • Code Compliance - Private property blight

Economic Development Sub-Committee – Don Hellwig, Rick Aldridge

  • Monitor business and residential developments

Education Sub-Committee – Miriam Morris, Barbi Scott, Lawona Taylor Roberts,

  • Inglewood Unified School Disrict (IUSD)

  • Political Candidate Forums


PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEE – Florence Ochi, Tracie Lyons, Rick Aldridge
Ensure all aspects of public safety are met by working with law enforcement, fire department and traffic departments of jurisdictions in Ladera Heights and its surrounding areas.
Traffic and Parking Sub-Committee – Brian Hale, Sr., Florence Ochi, Rick Aldridge
Traffic congestion issues in Ladera Heights and surrounding areas
Signal synchronization, Traffic violations, Traffic signs
Street parking issues (RVs, Commercial vehicles, Pods, etc.) – Florence Ochi, Rick Aldridge, Nancy Day, Dorothy Harris

  • Los Angeles Sheriff Department, Marina del Rey Station (Liaison)

  • California Highway Patrol (CHP) WLA Area (Liaison)

  • Los Angeles Police Department, Pacific Division (Liaison)

  • LA County Fire Department (Liaison)

  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training

  • Community Security (Cameras) – Tracie Lyons, Florence Ochi

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