Card Skimmer Attached to a Chase ATM in Fox Hills

A neighbor has reported getting her debit card info stolen from a card skimmer attached to an ATM at the Chase on Bristol Parkway.

She noticed some men sitting in a car watching the ATM and so she opted instead for the machine inside the lobby. While she was in the lobby, she noticed one of the men look through the lobby window, then quickly returned to the car. The next day, she awoke to several fraudulent charges on her Chase debit card at Best Buy that fortunately the bank was able to block.

She shared some advice from the Chase Fraud Division:

ALWAYS jiggle the card reader before you put your card in it to see if it is loose. Apparently, criminals can place something in it that will read your account numbers. When you leave they can grab their device and all your info.

If you notice anything off about an ATM, it's best to avoid it. Props to our neighbor for sharing her story and to Chase for ensuring no fraudulent charges were successful. If you'd like to read more about her story, you can find it here.

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