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Councilwoman Traci Park District 11 Meeting Recap

Thank you, Councilwoman Traci Park, for hosting a meeting in Ladera Heights and Thank You to our neighbor Rick Aldridge for providing this recap.

There was a discussion with LA City Councilwoman Traci Park, District 11 at a Building Bridges and Winning the Future event, coordinated by Daphne Bradford founder.

It was a full house at the Ladera Shopping Center, in the community room of STARE Fashion.

The event included discussions with the Councilwoman, residents, businesses LAPD, LASD and CD11 staffs. The meeting topics centered around strengthening the collaborative community plan with all the city and county partners.

The discussion touched on the current ordinances, possible solutions and the eventual removal of the RV encampments in LA City, specifically the one on Centinela, near La Tijera. Other topics were Smash and Grabs and other thefts, burglaries and the harassment by an unhoused man that recently occurred in Westchester.

Potential solutions for Centinela Ave and the Alvern Circle encampments, Painting the curb red, putting up No Overnight parking signs, creating a bike lane along the curb and working with partners on the Mayor's inactive Safe Inside. The Councilwoman staff will work with community on feasibility of these actions.

Suggestions from LAPD to small business owners regarding the Smash and Grabs, was to stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings, report the crime as soon as possible, consider hiring private security.

LA City Mayor Bass has included in this year's budget for LAPD to increase staff to 9500, adding several hundred more officers allowing for increased patrol, reduced response time and reduction in crime.



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