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Hey Walkers, We Need to Mask-Up

Alright, starting this off by pointing out that I'm one of the walkers in the neighborhood not wearing a mask. I don't believe I pose a risk to anyone in their homes as I walk by or to the walker on the other side of the street. HOWEVER, there's a tiny chance that I could and because our community is getting hit really hard right now, we all need to do a little more than we think we need to in order to help curb this. I would rather be wrong than inadvertently harm my neighbors.

According to the LA County Department of Health (source), in the month of December, the coronavirus diagnoses in Ladera Heights has increased by 40%. We've had almost a year of this madness and this month accounts for 40% of all diagnoses in Ladera Heights. We have an especially vulnerable community and need to do everything in our power to keep our neighbors and friends safe.

I'm going to start by wearing a mask when I go for a walk. What can you do to slow the spread of coronavirus? Please join me in at least wearing a mask anytime you leave your home.



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