LHCA Launches Ladera Heights CSA Farm Box Program

A sample of some of the produce grown on our farm

Back in January, our neighborhood survey produced some surprising results. You told us you wanted a farmer's market in Ladera Heights and we couldn't agree more. However, something terrible happened between then and now and our focus has been elsewhere.

As we begin picking up the pieces and learning to live the new normal, we understand that now isn't the best time for a farmer's market. Instead, we want to bring you the next-best-thing, a CSA. If you've never heard of a CSA before, it stands for Community-Supported Agriculture. It's the idea of connecting farmers directly to the community to eliminate the wholesalers and retailers in between.

There's something nostalgic and beautiful about buying produce direct from a farmer. Getting veggies that might have some dirt on them or look a little irregular suddenly sound better than shopping in a supermarket. These are not the vegetables you find in the big stores that have been grown in Mexico with pesticides and then shipped to California, they're grown on a farm right here in Thermal, California.

If you would like to receive a box of fresh produce every week, please consider joining our CSA. Or if veggies aren't your thing, consider donating a box to a family in need. We would love to be able to keep this program going and grow into a farmer's market, but need your support. In order for us to get wholesale prices, we need at least 20 neighbors to be a founding member. Is local, healthy produce important to you? If so, please join us.

2020 LHCA Board



David Oliver

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2nd Vice President

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Rick Aldridge

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Stewart L. Gilbert
Ruth Lawrence
John McWhirter
Treva Miller
Florence Ochi

2020 LHCA Advisors


Lisa Flenoury
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Olivia Patterson Ryans

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