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The La Cienega Median Project Celebrates a Win!

It was exciting news for those who have worked endlessly advocating For the Measure W

La Cienega Blvd Green Infrastructure Corridor and the Median Improvement Project.

During a meeting with Field Deputy Dylan Stickland from the LA City Councilwoman Traci Park office, Inglewood Councilman Alex Padilla, and a staff member from Mayor Bass’s office, the light was shined as they reviewed the survey results and started the discussion on the type of trees that will be planted along the corridor.

According to Rick Aldridge (Ladera Heights resident and LHCA Emeritus) "after many years of advocacy, by many Ladera Heights board members and residents, past and present, some promises, many disappointments, behind the scenes work, working with 3 to 4 councilmember administrations, we are seeing positive actions, and discussions, approved measures and funding.  Although, it's hard to believe for some of us. This might be happening."

Thank you to all those involved in advocating for our green infrastructure project!



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