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LHCA is looking for New Board Members!


It’s Election Season and time to once again begin the annual process of selecting members to serve on the LHCA Board of Directors. This year’s election will fill six (6) two-year terms on the Board of Directors. All LHCA members who are current with their dues and current residents in Ladera are eligible to run for a seat on the Board.

The LHCA needs committed volunteers who are willing to devote some of their time and energy to continue our efforts in keeping Ladera Heights a beautiful and vibrant community. Our current Board members serve on various committees and are focused on advocating for services and laws that impact our community. We continuously interact with our local Sheriff Department, our County Supervisor, City Council and LAPD offices.

The LHCA also provides events for our community, support for our area schools, businesses and local little league teams. Are you dedicated and willing to give some of your time and energy towards these worthwhile efforts, please consider joining us and running for a seat on our Board of Directors by completing the application below;

Thank you,

Teresa Taylor-Bolds

LHCA Election Officer 2023



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