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LHCA January Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting

January 21, 2021. 6:30pm

Via Zoom

Directors present: Lawona Taylor Roberts, John McWhirter, Ran Craycraft, Ezra Bolds Jr., Brian Hale Sr., Florence Ochi, Carla Lowe, James Blake Wilson Jr., Stewart Gilbert, Alvetia Smith, Desobry Bowens, Chiquita Emel, David Oliver

Advisors present: Teresa Tolds, Rick Aldridge, Ruth Lawrence, Treva Miller, Sandy Goldsmith, Ron Woods, George Lee, Alex Rosten, Christina Bartosch, Mara Mintz

David Oliver called the meeting to order at 6:36pm.

David thanked the 2020 Board members for their service and a special shout out to those that retired at the end of 2020.

Membership Chair, Blake Wilson reported on Membership as of mid-January.

Executive Board was nominated and confirmed, except for Secretary which will take place at a later date. Included are:

  • David Oliver – President / CEO

  • Brian Hale – 1 st Vice President / COO

  • Ran Craycraft. 2 nd Vice President / CMO

  • Ezra Bolds Jr. Treasurer / CFO

Ron Woods, Rick Aldridge and Ezra Bolds presented the proposed 2021 Budget to the

Board and Advisors. In order to give the Board Members more time to review the budget draft, a motion was made and seconded to approve only two of the line items on the budget

(Insurance and Taxes) in case they need to be paid prior to next month. The Budget will be

discussed in more detail at the next meeting. All members will receive a copy by email in the

coming days.

Ran Craycraft led a discussion on how it is hoped that Committee structure will work this year. We are hoping to have better accountability this year by changing up the reporting structure Between the Committee Chairs and the Executive Committee. Also, Ran will be sending out a List of “potential” committees along with a brief description of the work that each does so that we can do a better job of matching up Chairs with committees that they are passionate about.

David reminded everyone that the 2021 Board and Advisor roster went out by email and to

please let him know if any corrections are needed. It was agreed by consensus that holding a Board meeting on the first Thursday of the month. Makes it difficult to have Financial reports ready, so Board/ Advisor meetings will take place on the second Thursday of each month and Community meetings will be on the third or fourth Thursday of the month.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

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