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The election for the Ladera Heights Civic Association (LHCA) Board of Directors has concluded. A total of nine (9) candidates sought to fill seven (7) vacancies on our Board. We are fortunate to have such a talented group of residents that possess a broad range of experience. Our Board will definitely benefit from their ideas and participation. Our Bylaws state that only the top seven candidates with the most votes are elected to serve on the Board. The remaining candidates are invited to serve as General Advisors to the Board. These Advisors participate with and may even lead various committees.

552 ballots were mailed to members of the LHCA at the beginning of this month and given about two weeks to return their ballot. The election results revealed that only 1/3 of the ballots mailed were returned as of the deadline. It is my sincere hope for the future that we will see greater participation in our annual election with more residents becoming members of the LHCA. Your membership dues of only $25 annually helps provide support to several local groups like the LaTijera and Parent School PTAs, Ladera Cleanup days, Ladera Little League and AYSO, Ladera Senior Center, and other worthy causes.

I am pleased to announce the following candidates have been elected to serve the 2023-2024 term on the LHCA Board:

· Desobry Bowens

· Jan Davis

· Chiquita Emel

· Marilyn Fonseca

· Alvetia Smith

· Teresa Taylor-Bolds

· Serena Wright-Black

Wishing you all a joyful Holiday Season and healthy New Year



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