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Backyard Bandit Caught in Lower Ladera

The moment he realized he picked the wrong house

Yesterday at 6:20pm, a man was caught on camera sneaking into a Lower Ladera backyard. Fortunately, the resident had a security camera that notified him of the motion and he was able to quickly chase the intruder away.

The resident called the Sheriff and within minutes, he was apprehended thanks to the circulation of his photo from the Ring app and quick-thinking of neighbors who were able to point the deputies in the right direction.

Here is the full video:

I had a text exchange with the homeowner:

This has never happened before, people are clearly more brazen and desperate. Ring really works. Several neighbors saw the video and saw him so we were more alert.
He was sober. He was saying "I'm not breaking and entering" as I chased him off.
I'm doing some construction, so he probably thought no one was home. The deputies responded immediately and were really helpful.

It's been an especially difficult time for everyone and this is made no easier by the recent news that our Sheriff's station would soon be closed or downsized. The LHCA Board continues to put pressure on the situation and let all stakeholders know this is not something we will be quiet and let happen.

In the meantime, while we're dusting ourselves off, consider upgrading your home security with some of the latest in smart home technology. Here are some options for cameras that will give your smartphone an alert if motion is detected:

  • Consider a Canary if you're looking for a quick solution to monitor your home while you're away. It costs about $70 on Amazon and requires no professional installation.

  • The leader in smart home security is Ring. They have many different models to choose from that all roughly do the same thing. They also have a floodlight camera that can be monitored from the same app. They were a Santa Monica startup that made it to Shark Tank, a major investment by Sir Richard Branson, then a billion-dollar acquisition by Amazon in 2018. There are a few different models to choose from, but they range from $100 to about $200. Keep in mind, you may need assistance from a professional electrician if you're not handy.

  • If you have a Nest thermostat, consider their smart doorbell product. Just like the Ring, you can get notified anytime someone rings your bell or walks by. They also have a suite of security products that all live within the same smartphone app. It costs $220 and will require an electrician to help you install it.

  • The cheapest solution that I can still recommend is Wyze. The cameras cost about $25 and are designed for use indoors, but with the addition of a wall-mount case, you can also use them outside. These just plug into a standard wall outlet, so professionals aren't required.

Stay safe and vigilant, Ladera Heights. If you see something suspicious, be sure to call our Sheriff at (310) 482-6000.


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