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Mail Delays in Ladera Heights

We all know that there have recently been some delays of mail delivery of one to three days.

Today, I had the opportunity to speak with the Manager of the Crenshaw Post Office (which is where the mail for Ladera Heights is sorted and delivered).

I learned that the delays that we have been experiencing, and may continue to see for the next few weeks, can be attributed to an unprecedented shortage of staffing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They have had days where as many as 45% of their delivery force has been out, not necessarily infected themselves, but having been exposed, they needed to quarantine for ten to fourteen days.

To cover an absent carrier’s route, they have to depend on people from other routes filling in

after completing their own route, sometimes working until 10 pm.

I was told that many of the carriers that serve our community will be returning next week, so there is hope that we will begin to see some improvement.

So, if you happen to see your Postal Carrier dropping off your mail, consider saying “thank you” for their efforts during this difficult time.



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