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California Attorney General reminder

In California and across the nation, we’re witnessing a devastating rise in young people dying by accidental fentanyl overdose. We can’t stress enough how dangerous fentanyl is. It’s cheap, potent, and lethal.

That’s why the work California DOJ is doing to get dealers and traffickers out of our communities is critical, and why the advocacy and partnership of parents, community organizations, law enforcement and health agencies is vital. The more we can work together to educate our children and our communities about the dangers of fentanyl, the better.

This week, a Roseville man who supplied a 15-year-old girl with the fentanyl that led to her death was sentenced to 15 years to life after being convicted of homicide. While we cannot bring that young woman back into her parents’ arms, we can — and will — remain committed to holding dealers accountable and to protecting our children from this deadly drug.

Rob Bonta

California Attorney General



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