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December Good Neighbor of the Month – John & Patsy

Each month, we will feature someone who has gone above and beyond for our community. Being a great neighbor is a full-time job, one that requires practice, and comes in all shapes and sizes. The people we spotlight are making a difference in our community and we're immensely grateful for them. If you have a neighbor who means the world to your block, nominate them for the recognition they deserve!

Our very first Good Neighbor of the Month happens to be a couple who have lived in Ladera Heights for about 17 years. A big thank you to Evangelyn Nathan for writing the winning essay to nominate her neighbors, our very first Good Neighbors of the Month, John and Patsy Herron. Each of you will receive a Ladera Love cap to show our appreciation.

John and Patsy are retired seniors who have lived in Ladera for many years. Each holiday, they cook food for the sick and shut-in and then deliver to many families. They are constantly ensuring they assist friends with getting to doctor appointments, pharmacy pick-up and just sitting to comfort those who need it.
They spend their own money and burn their own gas. I had hip replacement surgery in June and in addition to the pandemic, was disabled and shut-in. On several occasions they surprised me with whole meals, Costco runs, and favors on any given day.
They make Costco and market runs for so many sick, elderly, and shut-in individuals. They have such giving hearts and want nothing in return. Their favorite saying is "try to be a blessing to somebody everyday". They certainly practice what they preach.

I spoke with Patsy by telephone and she was thrilled and grateful for the nomination. She said they got their start helping others because of John's love for cooking and their mutual interest in sharing their blessings with people in need.

On behalf of Ladera Heights, I would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to John and Patsy for making our community even better. Let's lift them up and celebrate them for the month of December and beyond!

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