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Have you heard about the plans to demolish the Marina Del Rey 90 freeway?

A meeting was held this past Tuesday and LHCA would like to say "Thank You" to our neighbor Treva Miller for attending the meeting and forwarding her notes to us (see below):

The Culver City Council meeting on Sept. 11 was unbelievable! It went on for six hours!! They did not get to the Marina freeway project until 12 a.m. Mark Berger was a true hero, hanging in there to testify in opposition of the proposed study. The Streets for All special interest group that advocates for less cars and more bikes, was asking the council to be the lead agency on this proposal so they could qualify for a $2 million grant to conduct the study for the proposed Marina Central Park project. It was revealed that three Councilmembers had received election support from this special interest group. It was pointed out SFA had no credentials or experience in conducting an unbiased feasibility study. The presentation they gave showed almost no cars on the 90 Freeway, and their leader claimed it was barely ever used. One of the subsequent community members giving public comment said Cal Trans data reports more than 150,000 drivers use the freeway daily. Luckily, due to the overwhelmingly negative emails the councilmembers received from the public they decided that Culver City would not take the role of lead agency for the SFA study, however the Council agreed to write a letter of support for a federally funded study of the concept. There were 895 subscribers on the YouTube Live feed of the council meeting when it started. The motion passed at 1 a.m. and there were only 20 of us still viewing!



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