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Ladera Heights Mini-Farmers Market Gently Opens to the Public

Back in the pre-pandemic days, we took a poll on what the community wanted most. We were surprised to find a farmer's market at the top of that list. As you can imagine, plans for a farmer's market quickly stalled when the pandemic hit. In the meantime, we've faced grocery shortages as well as concerns about going into public indoor spaces like supermarkets and restaurants.

That's why we started our Farm Box program to give Laderians a safer alternative to shopping in big stores and meanwhile get farm-fresh produce that's been minimally handled. We've had a lot of interest in our Farm Box program as we now have 30 members who pick up a securely-packaged box of fresh produce each week that's trucked straight from a farm in the Coachella Valley to Ladera Heights. As you might expect, each customer is required to wear a mask and maintain social distance if they arrive for pick-up at the same time as others.

Another great part of this program is that 100% of the proceeds go right back into our community in the form of financial support to local programs and produce donations to the LAX Food Bank.

Now that we have some traction, we're offering a very limited supply of Farm Boxes for walk-up purchases. They go quickly, so if you'd like a box, either become a member or show up early.

Also, new this week, in addition to Farm Boxes, we will be including two local vendors who will be providing chocolate chip cookies and sourdough bread loaves–both baked in Ladera Heights! Like the Farm Boxes, those interested in cookies and bread orders are encouraged to pre-order, but limited supply will be available for walk-ups.

The Ladera Heights Mini-Farmer's Market happens each Thursday from 11a to 1p at 5453 S La Cienega Blvd. in Upper Ladera. For more information, visit



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