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Message from Pamela Manning at Los Angeles County Public Works

Dear Valued Community Partner, 

Los Angeles County Public Works is monitoring the Hurricane Hilary storm off the Mexican coast that is forecast to come into Southern California with showers on Saturday, August 19, and intensifying Sunday, August 20, and into Tuesday next week. 

Our partners at the National Weather Service have been able to provide a better (but still developing) idea of the course of the storm and what its potential impacts might be on Los Angeles County.

Rain is currently forecast to be 2 to 3 inches in coastal areas and 4 to 6 inches in the mountains and foothills. The Antelope Valley communities north of the San Gabriel Mountains may see heavier rain impact. The storm is expected to come with winds up to 35 mph.

The public infrastructure managed by LA County Public Works is ready to protect communities from flood danger and capture as much rain as possible to recharge local groundwater supplies, as we have throughout this year to date. 

In recent burn areas, there is collaboration across multiple County and municipal agencies to protect the public from potential mud and debris flows. You can get sandbags from the sites listed in this link SWED: Fire Information Page (

LA County Public Works weather forecasters and engineers warn of possible moderate debris or mudflow in recent burn area with less than three years recovery, and isolated debris and mudflows for burn areas with less than four years of recovery. (See the Debris and Mudflow Potential Forecast for communities that may be affected.)

We will continually monitor the burn areas and report on any changes that may develop via our Twitter (X) page at @LACoPublicWorks. 

If you or your neighbors need further information or want to report storm-related incidents, please contact the Public Works 24/7 Dispatch Center at (800) 675-HELP (4357).  



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