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Neighborly Reminders

Placing Information on Doorsteps:

When delivering information to your neighbors via flier, pamphlets or cards, please be mindful of signs that are posted that say No Solicitation. We have received a number of concerns from neighbors who said fliers were taped to their doors or even placed in their mailboxes without going through the postal system and this is considered a federal offense. So please be mindful.

Dog Walkers

Please make sure you carry plenty of bags when walking your fur babies, so you don't find yourself without and leaving unpleasant packages for your neighbor to pick up. Also, be mindful of signs posted on the homeowners' lawns asking you to please have your dog utilize the county/ city side of the grass.

Loud Music

When you are having a special event, it may be nice to notify your immediate neighbors that there will be music played louder than usual and possibly provide the hours of your event. This will hopefully prevent a neighbor from calling the local authorities to report neighborhood nuisance/ disturbance.

Let's all be Kind and give each other Grace by thinking and acting positively one towards another. We all are what makes this community a wonderful place to live.



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