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Questions about Upper Ladera paving? LHCA Leadership shares some insight;

There are two phases remaining. The first (happening next week mostly) is the Scrub Seal which is the next phase (see attached schedule to figure out your street). There will be any "No Parking" signs posted for street parking, we can park in our driveways and will be allowed to come and go as needed (other than the short period of time that they are actually working on your street (an hour or two). Phase 3 is the actual Slurry Seal where they apply a layer of new asphalt and a sealer. During this phase, in addition to no street parking, we will not be able to drive to or from our homes for about 7 to 8 hours after they apply it. We (LHCA Leadership) are working with the County to see if they will provide shuttles (golf carts) that can navigate the sidewalks to help move people that are not able to walk up or down the hill to their cars on either 55th or Ladera Crest. While this issue was not contemplated as part of the work, we have filed a request with the Americans with Disabilities Act Department and are hoping to hear some news in the coming days. This may not apply to some of you as you live near the end of your block.
Please let us know if you have any additional questions



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