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Reporting Graffiti On The Fwy or Exits

Here are the Caltrans website and directions on using the California Customer Service Request system (CSR) to report: graffiti, encampments, trash, debris, and dead and overgrown vegetation problems on the 405 freeway and all other California State highways.



Here is a CSR system; Caltrans does not have a pamphlet guide.  However, the system guides you through the fields and will alert you of errors, that need to be corrected on the online form.  With the map feature, it allows you to either pin the location on the map (that looks similar to a Google map), or they can type an actual address into the field right above the map and it will be pinned at that address. They can also slide the pin on the map to place it in exactly the desired spot. Please note, if a location is too far from the freeway (and therefore not within our jurisdiction), the map will give that message and will not allow the location to be pinned.



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