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Sidewalk Vendors Regulations

LOS ANGELES, Calif. To help provide a pathway for unregulated home cooks and sidewalk vendors to become permitted, this week, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a motion authored by Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell that directs the Department of Public Health to report back in 120 days with an ordinance to implement Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations.   


Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations allow sidewalk vendors and home cooks to prepare, cook, and serve up to 30 meals daily and no more than 90 meals a week from their homes. The California Retail Food Code allows home cooks to apply for a public health permit for their home kitchen to be a Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operation (MEHKOs). So far, 11 counties within the state have already authorized MEHKOs in their jurisdictions.  

“We are taking a major step towards getting the over 50,000 unpermitted sidewalk vendors in Los Angeles County on a path to being permitted and operating safely in our local economy. Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations help ensure food safety and address the costly barriers many underinvested communities, women of color, and immigrants face when trying to access approved kitchens to do business. I look forward to the Board receiving a comprehensive ordinance to vote on to make this proven model accessible across the County,” said Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell.   

Let's hope this will help regulate the food health concerns and reduce the number of unregistered vendors that are popping up within our community.



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