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Upzoning; LA City Planning Call. Please join!

Despite our protests and pleas to Councilwoman Park and Mayor Bass to intercede on our behalf for an in-person meeting, the City of Los Angeles Planning Department is going to hold a virtual Zoom meeting regarding the Community Plan Update for Ladera Center and surrounding areas.

They will only discuss the upzoning Plan for the Los Angeles City portions of the Ladera Center, The Pann's Cafe/Mobile Stations property, the Marshalls Shopping Center, the apartment behind the Ralphs on Fairview, the houses on La Cienega, the duplexes on La Tijera near 64th St., and south of Centinela -the McDonalds on La Tijera, and the Goodwill Shopping Center.

Please be prepared to tell them why it is inappropriate for Los Angeles City Ladera and Westchester Triangle (shopping Centers south of Centinela) to bear the bulk of all of Westchester/Playa's increased density creating a food desert and stripping us of community services, while exempting shopping areas in West Westchester.  It is simply unjust to move the problem from one neighborhood to another simply because the residents in the other more affluent neighborhood complained.

Please pass this information along to all of our neighbors, and friends in surrounding areas.

Join the call:

The meeting will provide an overview of the Community Plan Process, what we’ve heard since our Draft Maps were published in March of this year, and provide time for feedback, comments, and questions from attendees.

Virtual Information Session:

Tuesday, July 16, 2024 from 6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Join by Phone: +1 669 900 9128 or +1 213 338 8477

Meeting ID: 893 8935 6343 | Passcode: 507338 



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