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Ladera Heights Pop-Up Drive-In Draws Capacity Crowd

What started as a driveway movie night expanded into a full-blown drive-in theater in Ladera Heights. After about two weeks of COVID-19 cabin fever, my neighbors and I had an idea for some much-needed social time while still being able to maintain our distance. A projector, a garage door, and several lawn chairs later, we had ourselves a driveway drive-in.

The original drive-way drive-in in Upper Ladera

As word got out in the community, our little driveway eventually reached capacity. Thus the idea was born to produce a movie night on a larger scale. It took a lot of exploring to find a location where we could fit a decent amount of cars alongside a bare, white wall we could project onto.

We were very happy to "discover" St James Armenian Church at Slauson and Fairfax fit the bill. The next challenge was to find the equipment to be able to project a movie and also transmit the sound over an FM frequency. Once the movie licensing was acquired, a projector purchased, and an FM transmitter (imported from China), we were finally able to go. Much to our surprise, all spots were reserved for the event within a matter of hours.

Local realtors, Carla & Ray Lowe were kind enough to underwrite much of the event's cost as several other neighbors also made donations to ensure we were able to pull this off. We had a capacity crowd of twenty-seven cars for a night of laughs and cheers. We look forward to hosting another event like this in the future.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

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