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Local Hotspot Applies for Extended Hours and Alcohol Permit

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The Court Cafe opened last July as a daytime restaurant founded by three popular, local food scene veterans, Jermell Henderson, Calvin Johnson, and Keith Garett. Collectively, they refer to themselves as "Foodminati" (a play on "Illuminati") after each having a successful food business under their belt. The restaurant is in a small Centinela strip mall near La Tijera in the former home of Mama Joan's.

A local resident sent us a Notice of Public Hearing stating that The Court Cafe would like to extend their operating hours and start serving alcohol, presumably to extend their brunch offering and extend their appeal to the after-dark crowd.

Although The Court Cafe technically sits to Westchester (LA City), it's across the street from Lower Ladera. They've become known for their Southern-style cuisine and are currently open from 9a to 5p Tuesday through Sunday. How do you feel about this local hotspot's interest in extended hours and an alcohol permit?

5496 W Centinela Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90044

(310) 431-4969


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