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Meet The Pudding Bunch

The Pudding Bunch: (Left to right) Mason, 2, Madison, 8, Sebastian, 7, and Devyn, 11,

When we got a note from "The Pudding Bunch" inquiring about adding a new vendor to The Ladera Farmers Market, they had our attention. Just like any other vendor, we set up a meeting with our farmers market team for a meet and greet and product sample. One-by-one, "The Pudding Bunch" filed into our outdoor office wearing facemasks and tiny rubber gloves.

"We're The Pudding Bunch" they said as they walked in "and this is our family recipe".

The quartet went on to introduce themselves and talk about their proprietary recipe for fresh, organic banana pudding (shhh!) While no NDA was required, we were sworn to secrecy.

The Pudding Bunch formed earlier this summer during the coronavirus quarantine when Devyn, Madison, and Sebastian decided they wanted to start a business to occupy this summer and so they schedule a Zoom meeting.

While they were coming up with ideas, Devyn was enjoying her favorite dessert, homemade banana pudding, when her little brother, Mason, 2, decided he wanted some, too. At that point, the quartet decided easily that it was time for the generations-old family recipe to add another generation to their tally.

We're very happy to welcome The Pudding Bunch as our newest vendor at this week's Ladera Farmers Market. If you would like to try this (outstanding!) fresh banana pudding to cool off on a hot day, you can place your order here.


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