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More Vendors Added to the Ladera Farmers Market

Organic, locally-grown citrus by Dennis the Farmer

After selling out virtually every item in our market last week, we're bringing in some new vendors and products this week. Farmer Ken's organic brown and blue eggs sold out very quickly, so we've made more available this week. He also is sharing a seasonal herb bundle that includes lemongrass and mint.

Chef Claudio is now offering fresh ricotta and parmesan ravioli alongside his very popular sourdough breads. We went through a whopping forty farm boxes last week and several kind Laderians even donated farm boxes to families in need.

Each week, we make a donation to the Food Pantry - LAX

Last week, we introduced Laderians to Amen the hummus-maker. His family has been making fresh hummus and garlic spreads for nearly 20-years. We sold out all of his products very quickly this week, so we've ordered more this week and also added his delicious avocado hummus.

We're very happy to be adding Dennis the Farmer to our farmers market family this week. You might recognize him as the poster-boy on the farmers market homepage. He is a life-long resident and lives in Old Ladera with a farm near San Diego that specializes in organically grown citrus. He'll be offering an organic mixed citrus bundle in our market.

We recently connected with a local beekeeper right here in Ladera/View Park as well as a coffee roaster, and a maker of fine organic body butter. We have a lot in store and so appreciate all of the community embracing all of our talented, local makers. Please keep up your support and let's keep this rolling!

To place an order, please visit our website.


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