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No Upzoning City Planning Update!

L.A. City Planning has refused to meet in-person with residents of Ladera Heights to discuss

current zoning proposals that would dramatically alter the character and livability of our

community, despite having previously afforded the opportunity for such in-person meetings to residents of Westchester, another neighborhood in CD 11.

For months, the L.A. Planning Department has promised to meet in person with Ladera

residents. Kiran Rishi, Senior City Planner, said “Just let us check our calendars for a workable date.” Ladera residents have been waiting to schedule a workable date since April 30th. When informed that the L.A. City Planning department would prefer meeting with Ladera virtually.

Tracie Lyons (LHCA Upzoning Chair), explained the importance of an in-person meeting “An in-person meeting would provide an opportunity for the entire community to be educated on the L.A. City upzoning process and learn the objective criteria that was used to designate our community as a Regional Center when similarly situated areas of the Westchester Playa Update Plan Area were not.  It would allow residents to ask questions important to them.”

We must speak out before it is too late! Join us on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, at 6:30 pm for

an update on the efforts to oppose this proposal and let them know about the City’s refusal to provide an in-person meeting to discuss our concerns.

Go to to let government official know that you want to protect the character of your neighborhood and not allow the development of skyscrapers in Ladera.



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