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Safety tips from LAPD

If you are at home and concerned that someone is casing your home or trying to break in, call 911 and report a “hot prowl burglary”.
If someone broke into your home when you were not there, report a “burglary” which is not considered an emergency.
Some criminals are using Wi-Fi jammers to override home security systems. Hardwiring security cameras and devices and having a cell phone connection (as opposed to a landline phone connection) to your security company is recommended if possible. Having security software on your Wi-Fi network may also work.
If your (or your visitors) vehicles have a pushbutton start, it is recommended that the key fobs be stored in a Faraday box (available on Amazon for ~$20 and elsewhere). Some criminals are using amplified scanners to steal the car key fob signal from inside your house. Always lock your car doors and remove valuables when parked.
When asked, it was stated that license plate readers are not useful if the car has no license plate, is stolen, or is a rental car which are common criminal ploys.
Starting and Revitalizing Neighborhood Watch. Neighborhood Watches help thwart crime and report emergencies. To be successful a group needs to be meaningful and manageable. Block parties, yard sales, and even happy hours are ways neighbors can get to know each other. Communications can be by Google Groups, emails, flyers, and texts.

Neighbors, do you have a neighborhood watch/ block watch? IF so LHCA wants to know about it! Please send us an email with your Block watch name and Captain to We want to support your block watch and send information to you for feedback and dissemination.



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