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Amazon Grocery Store Coming to Ladera Heights?

We previously reported on a mystery grocery store coming to The Interchange at La Cienega (near the new Marshalls and Chick-fil-a. At one point, it was slated to be a Smart & Final, but plans have changed. The cat is out of the bag and even though they're not ready to formally announce it, the store is rumored to be a new concept grocery store by Amazon grocery.

You may have heard about the Amazon Go stores in and around Seattle where customers can fill up their reusable shopping bag or grocery cart and simply walk out of the store, no need to wait in line at the cashier. It's unclear if this is going to be Amazon Go or a different store.

The Amazon Go concept stores start with the scanning of a barcode upon entry, then you can put your phone away and their in-store technology will keep track of what items you grab off the shelf and what items you put back. Then once you leave the store, your account will be charged and you'll receive a receipt via email.



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