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Remembering Molly Lowe This Independence Day

Nothing says it's Independence Day in Ladera Heights like the sight of small American flags placed along our sidewalks. Did you know that realtor Molly Lowe started this local tradition in the mid-1980s?

Molly had a large presence in Ladera Heights in part because she sold many, many houses in the community to African Americans. That in itself was a giant feat, but Molly took it one step further. She made certain that local banks funded loans to people purchasing homes in Ladera with a smile on their faces.

While the Ladera Heights community recently lost Molly, her son and daughter-in-law, Ray and Carla Lowe have promised to carry on the tradition in her memory. So while the presence of the American flag may be causing some controversy during this season of political unrest, stop and think of Molly Lowe’s contribution to the Ladera Heights community as you drive through the neighborhood and see these little flags waving in the breeze.

On behalf of our neighbors, thank you to the Lowe family for helping shape our community.



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